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Welcome to Kindergarten

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Our kindergarten teachers are committed to providing an enriching, respectful, nurturing and safe environment where your child will become independent, responsible, and excited about learning.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kindergarten at Expo
Thank you for joining our kindergarten family!

Our Program Philosophy
Our child centered program provides many opportunities for self-directed learning, direct instruction and learning through play...

Our Kindergarten Goals
Children come to kindergarten with varied experiences, strengths, and needs.

What Do Current EXPO Kindergarten Families Say About Our Program?
Read what families have to say about our fabulous program!

Familiy Opportunities!
How can families support their child's kindergarten experience?

Garden Themes

  • Me and My Community
  • All About Autumn
  • Harvest Around the World
  • Celebrations of Light
  • Brrrr! Winter!
  • My Family and Friends
  • The Human Body
  • Spring is Here!
  • Growing and Planting

Garden Schedule

  • Welcome!
  • Journals, Books, Puzzles
  • Morning Meeting
  • Literacy
  • Lunch
  • Recess
  • Story time
  • Resource
  • Rest/Relax/Read
  • Snack Time
  • Thematics
  • Afternoon Meeting
  • Get Ready, Get Set, GO!