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The Gifted & Talented Program at EXPO

About G/T

Welcome to the EXPO Gifted and Talented page!

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My name is Gail Pierce and I am the Gifted and Talented Specialist at EXPO.  I will be starting my 30th year at EXPO and for 22 of those years I have been working as the G/T Specialist.  Our gifted program begins in Pre-K and follows the learners through fifth grade.  All kindergarten, first, and second graders have been working on the Catalyst:  Interdisciplinary Problem Solving Curriculum and the P.E.T.S. Curriculum. These curriculum's will teach our learners how to be better thinkers.  They are designed to give learners the opportunity to use and show their best thinking. I have been focusing on Creative Problem Solving with grades three, four and five.  Learners in these grades are learning about teamwork and how there is not always one right answer to the kits we build from.  At EXPO we like to involve our learners in activities that may not specifically be part of our regular school day.  This year EXPO will be involved in Lego League, Community Ed Classes and EDL.  I am always looking for other opportunities for our learners. 

Levels of Service

Level One:  Services for ALL 
    * Reader's and Writer's Workshop
    * Everyday Math
    * Curriculum Based Differentiation
    * Fieldtrips
    * Curriculum Night
    * Project-Based Learning
    * School Dance
    * Read-A-Thon
    * STEM Nights
    * Community Ed Classes
    * Library
    * Technology 

Level Two: Services for MANY 
    * Creative Problem Solving Classes
               (3-5 Grade)
    * Art Adventures
    * Connect Programs
    * Catalyst Curriculum/ P.E.T.S.
               (K -2 Grade)
    * Reading Buddies
    * Rocket Readers
    * Junior Achievement
Level Three: Services for SOME
    * Service Learning Activities
    * BWCA Trip
    * Mentor Program
    * Destination Imagination
    * Lego League
    * EDL
    * Community Play

Level Four: Services for FEW
    * Subject Acceleration in Math
    * Independent Studies
    * Curriculum Compacting
    * School Patrol