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EXPO Counseling Team

Expo has 2 school counselors: Lauren Strong (Left), who is here full time and works with grades 1, 3, 4, & 5, and Laurel Flores (Right), who is at Expo on Mondays, Thursdays and every other Tuesday, and works with Kindergarten & 2nd grade. Ms. Lauren and Ms. Laurel will be teaching weekly lessons in every classroom. The quarterly themes for these lessons are "Who I am as a Learner", "How do we support each other in community", "What are my interests and who do I want to be in the future" and "How do I stay safe, in and out of school". The counselors also offer small counseling groups that meet weekly for 6-8 weeks to support a range of topics such as friendship skills, grief, and emotional regulation. Ms. Laurel and Ms. Lauren are available to support families and students with short-term counseling needs as they arise. They look forward to working with your students this year!
Contact info for Lauren Strong: lauren.strong@spps.org
                            651-744-3956 (call)
Contact info for Laurel Flores: laurel.flores@spps.org
                            612-465-9448 (call/text)