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What Families Say

Parent Comments About Our School

Our families love to talk about their EXPO experiences! Actual feedback from our parents:

"I’m amazed at how committed and involved parents are with the school, the teachers, and other parents; EXPO feels like a group of friends all working together for the sake of all of our kids."

"EXPO has been an intensely enriching environment in which our daughters have developed their love of learning. I couldn’t possibly envision a more insightful, organized, passionate teacher than literally every teacher our children have had at EXPO."

"[EXPO is] an inclusive, diverse, responsive, accountable educational community. The teachers are committed educators with a depth of experience. The principal provides leadership and safety for the students and faculty. We are thrilled with how responsive the school has been--our daughters are excelling."

"EXPO is a wonderful school. The staff truly care about their students and Mr. Yerama treats parent concerns as a priority."

"We live outside the school district and chose EXPO because we were impressed by the community of learners, families and teachers we met. We have discovered an energetic and seasoned staff and teachers. "

"My children are special need children and I feel EXPO has done a wonderful job in helping my kids to learn and the special concern, care. So irreplaceable. Thank you!"

"From the expansive, lilac-rimmed front entrance, with two large playing laws and student-created gardens, to the newly-updated playground located next to spacious sports fields, to the extra-wide hallways for students to navigate, EXPO is a superb place for students to grow, explore, and learn."

"EXPO is our second home. We know that our children are loved and nurtured."

"EXPO has the vibrant energy of a large, diverse urban school. At the same time, excellent teachers and involved staff keep EXPO an intimate, safe and challenging place for students of all ages and abilities."

"Kids enjoy EXPO because they’re allowed to be kids--on our first tour of EXPO we met a boy wearing a chain mail shirt like a knight. His teacher said he was really into medieval tales and she encouraged him to show his zeal."

"This is my son’s first year of school, but I love the small classes. I think morning circle is great. They learn how to lead a meeting, build confidence speaking in a group setting."

"Extremely welcoming. The parent involvement is extraordinary. My daughter feels safe and happy here!"

"We are so pleased with the kindergarten program at EXPO. Communication with teachers is easy, and the kids are learning so quickly."

"It’s a great learning environment for my child. The school has great teachers and staff who are so committed to the children."

"School choice is a privilege. Yet wading through the options can be a challenge. As most parents do we studied school demographics, test scores and other typical educational metrics. But our decision to send our children to EXPO was made intuitively."

"During our first visit to EXPO, a 4th grader met us at the door and escorted us to the kindergarten rooms, all the while talking about how she loved her school (her self-confidence and enthusiasm were delightful); diversity and respect for others was evident; and children's work hung on every possible flat surface! As we learned more about EXPO's philosophies it was clear that multiple intelligence theories, Life Skills, theme based learning and the tenured, committed staff made EXPO great."

"The outcome, after four years at EXPO, is that our kids love learning and have grown intellectually and emotionally. My eldest son said it best when he was in first grade: 'Mom, I try to sit in the front of the bus. I get into school sooner that way.' What else can a Mom hope for?"