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Questions Parents Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes EXPO different from other schools?
EXPO prides itself in preparing students for their entire life—academic, social and civic. Using technology, core knowledge, standards driven curriculum, responsive classroom and best practices in education, EXPO balances the resources of a large school with individual attention and care for each child.

2. What is your discipline policy?
Every student is expected to act in a manner that helps maintain EXPO as a wonderful place to learn. Using the Responsive Classroom model, EXPO students create the school and classroom expectations. When a student makes a mistake, there are social consequences and fix it plans to help the child understand where the mistake was made and what to do if it is encountered again. The district has a formal discipline policy that we follow in more serious circumstances.

3. Do you have a language program?

We do not have a formal language program, EXPO Elementary partners with Community Education to offer other world language classes after school to our students.

4. How do you handle gifted and talented students, how do you challenge students?

EXPO employs a full time Gifted and Talented teacher who collaborates with the teachers, delivering gifted and talented curriculum to all students and provides enrichment activities for classroom lessons.  We believe every child is gifted and deserves to have access to these resouces.

5. What is your greatest strength, and your biggest challenge, as a school?
Our greatest strength are our families. The biggest challenge is time. Time to give every child exposure to everything that is out there.  Parents spend time in classes really working with the students, and celebrating the small successes that happen every day.

7. What are your school hours?
Our school hours are 7:30 AM-2:00 PM We offer after school programming through our on-site Discovery Club.

8. Do you provide busing?
Transportation is available to many families in St. Paul. Visit the SPPS District's Transportation page for details.

9. Is EXPO a large school?
With approximately 500 students in grades Pre K-5, EXPO is a large elementary school. Most families and students feel our flexibility and individual-focused teaching, a caring staff, and the clustering of classrooms into small learning communities provides positive educational experience for students.