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Laura Saatzer, Principal PREK-4 Campus

1290 Arcade Street, Saint Paul, MN 55106

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Hamilton Bell, Principal 5-8 Campus

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PreK-4: MCA Schedule

MCA Prep
The MCA (Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment) is upon us!  The students are prepared and are ready to do their best.  Below is the schedule for our 3rd & 4th graders.  Parents, make sure to have your child ready for school by doing the following things:
*Ensure your child receives a good night’s rest
*Provide a healthy meal or have your child eat breakfast every morning
*Talk to your child about the test and encourage your child to do their best. 

MCA Schedule with grades and subject areas:

March 13-16:  Reading for 4th grade

            17: Tevlin, 4th MCA Reading Make-up

March 20-24:  Reading for 3rd grade

March 27 – 30:  Reading Make-ups

            April 3-7: Spring Break
            April 12-13: Reading Make-ups (if needed)
            April 17-21:  Math for 3rd grade

April 24 – 27:  Math for 4th grade

            May 1-5: Math/Reading Make-ups


We thank you for your support in encouraging and preparing your child for the MCA assessments.  If you have questions regarding the MCA, please contact the school at (651) 293-8880.  We would be glad to provide additional information.
For additional information, you can also visit the MCA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page at the Minnesota Department of Education website.
Disclaimer: Comic Life pictures created by Ms. Young's & her 3rd grade class.
MCA Schedule